Frequently Asked Questions

“Family Owned”, what does that mean to me?
It means that you will get personal attention. You matter to us and we will never treat you like a number. We strive for customer satisfaction and will work with you to make sure you are receiving it.
Bonded and Insured
We are Bonded, have liability insurance, and carry Workman’s Comp. You will have peace of mind knowing we are covered while working in your home. If you hire a private cleaner and they get injured while working in your home, you and your homeowner’s insurance are at risk and liable.
Customer Service
You will get personalized service. If you have a problem or question you will be able to contact me directly. You will always hear back from me; not a manager or someone else. You will be able to call or email me directly. I will work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep it!
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We will work hard to maintain your home. If you are ever not satisfied, contact us within 24 hours of the clean and we will make it right.
Who will be cleaning my home?
I will personally clean each clients home at different times to make sure a consistent and thorough cleaning is done. We will only hire employees that pass extensive background checks and have completed screenings and training.
How will we protect you and your home?
Locked storage of keys and controlled access! Keys are coded; no addresses on them.
Why are your prices higher or lower than others?
No two cleaning companies are the same, we give a fair and honest price. We buy quality cleaning products that give high performance and are safe for your home, not just cheap cleaning supplies. We do not compete with the individual cleaner or cleaners who don’t run it as a real business or have the right insurance in place.
Consider who you are allowing into your home.
Without a doubt! Your home is the place where your most invaluable assets are. Your spouse, your children, and your pets! Not to mention your home is probably the single biggest financial investment your family will ever make. So, consider this while accepting quotes.
Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Absolutely! We offer them in any amount $75.00 and above.
What payments do you accept?
Cash, Check, or you can pay on our website with PayPal or use any Credit Card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
We LOVE PETS! We like to bring the pets a milkbone on cleaning day (with owner’s approval, of course). Then your pet looks forward to cleaning day too!
We also offer pet-sitting services You can go on vacation, business, or any trip and we will take care of your 4 legged family members. You can even schedule us to clean your home the day before you come back! We do offer a discount on cleaning if booked in conjunction with your trip!